Friday, June 5, 2020

Tropical ferns for sale

This is a place where I will be posting some things I am looking to get rid of. I will not be posting all that I have for sale here just a few things from time to time. If you do not see it posted here that does not mean that I do not have it. Feel free to contact me if you do not see what you wont here. I probably have it laying around....
Contact Info: or
call 828-333-4646

SHIPPING: All packages will be shipped USPS Priority mail unless you rather have some other service. Takes about 3-5 days. Faster delivery is available if request, additional fees apply. Most shipments will go out on Mondays and Tuesdays depending on your location. If I can ship and it get there before the weekend I will. Most of the time I will email a Tracking #. Shipping price is 1 st plant 10.00, 2nd 13.00, 3rd 15.00 and 4 or more 17.00.
INSURANCE: Fees will apply depending on final value of Item(s) and if you wont insurance. Platycerium ferns is not and will not issue the refund. USPS is who you need to contact if package is damaged and Item(s) are destroyed. If I can help in any way I will be available in helping with any problem caused by shipper "USPS".
WINTER SHIPPING: A FREE heat pack in included in the S/H fees no extra charge.

Discounts are given to returning customers as I feel generous :) Any questions feel free to email me at or visit my sight Platycerium Ferns

INTERNATIONAL: I now ship fern oversees. YOU are required to provide country Import permit if needed. A Phytosanitary certificate can be provided at an EXTRA charge of $50.00. NOT AT ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING LOSS OR DAMAGE TO FERNS.... CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING........

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is a list of things I have available right now. Most are in 4" baskets and are ready to be mounted. Contact me for photos and pricing. Updated February 5, 2013...
I Ship in winter and have never had any problems. A heat pack is included in the shipping price.


AVAILABLE  Platycerium ridleyi 6"Baskets 

Platycerium coronarium 4 inch baskets

AVAILABLE  Platycerium elephantotis 4' baskets 

AVAILABLE Platycerium elephantotis "Tatsuta collection" SOLD OUT.

AVAILABLE Platycerium 'mount lewis' Thin form

AVAILABLE  Platycerium quadridichotomum Mounted 

AVAILABLE  Platycerium 'callard' 6" pots or mounted

AVAILABLE Platcyerium 'V. vildrii' miniature baskets 
Other Odd ferns for sale
Lecanoteris carnos Large plants
Lecanopteris 'yellow tip'
Lecanopteris pumila

Huperzia Large plants available request a list
Small baskets available now

Huperzia carinatum Queensland large coen form
Huperzia goebelii Blue Tassel fern
Huperzia Sp. Malaya looks like H. nummulariifolium fast growing 
Huperzia Sp Australia 

Contact me for availability
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